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Landscaping Services


Landscape Only

Relax and enjoy your property by choosing one of our convenient landscape maintenance services consisting of 13 or 26 weeks.

We will:

*Keep your beds looking beautiful with the removal of all organic debris and litter.

*Assure your beds remain weed free by applying pre-emergent herbicides.

*Prune your shrubs and ground cover.

*Keep the critters at a minimum by applying systemic / topical fungicides & insecticides as needed.

*Assure your ornamental shrubs & perennials are well fed with liquid, organic fertilizers.



Landscape and Lawn
We’ve got you covered year round with our lawn & landscape maintenance program. During this 52-week program, we will:

*Maintain your planting beds as described above.

*Treat the grass with a fungal preventative and a pre-emergent herbicide twice per year.

*Apply a slow release fertilizer 3 times per year *optional rye grass application in the fall.

*Mow and edge all lawn areas.

*Trim grass from all sprinkler heads, tree wells, fences, utility posts, and all other structures.


We leave no trace of our visit by raking and removing excess grass clippings from your lawn, sidewalks, driveway, and other hard surface areas.


Landscape Ideas

Hardscape Installations
Be assured that the new beauty of your property will last for years with the award-winning installations of our fountains, pavers, pools, decks, irrigation and lighting.

Fountains & Waterfalls.
 Relax in with the reduction of noise pollution offered by the soothing sounds and movement water features add to your landscape. Carefully chosen, they compliment the natural beauty and architecture of your home.

Arbors & Gazebos
 Another enhancement to your home’s architecture, arbors and gazebos also provide much needed shade from the Texas sun.

Patios & Decks
 Add additional living space for you and your family with the creation of an outdoor getaway area. Creative designs and proper construction of your patios and decks inspires a destination for your entertainment and relaxation.

Walls, Fences & GatesCreate or enlarge spaces within your yard that enhance both the attractiveness and value of your home while increasing the security with walls, fences and gates.

Grills, Firepits & Kitchens
Nothing beats the addition of a summer kitchen to your outdoor space. They compliment both your yard and the cook. Create even more ambiance with a firepit.

DrivewaysBoth functional and design worthy, driveways and walkways tie your design elements together while inviting you and your guests to your home.


Recent Curbing Work