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9-1-1 Landscaping and Tree Services, LLC

Rufus Lopez spent much of his childhood learning about nature and how to maintain lawns and small machinery. In 1998, when he was just 17 years old, he was afforded the opportunity to begin a landscaping company.

After buying out Love Your Lawns, Rufus started residential landscaping and lawn maintenance along with his first contract with Wal-Mart. Due to Rufus’ quality services and fair prices, his business quickly grew. He decided to name his company 9-1-1 Landscaping and Tree Services in an effort to emphasize the efficiency at which his crew can handle “emergency” lawn and home dilemmas, like dangerous tree limbs and damaged roofs.

By the time Rufus entered college, he was gaining experience with large-scale commercial projects. Since Rufus had developed a love for owning a small business and wanted to expand his knowledge, he decided to earn a Business degree in Entrepreneurial Studies.

During his time at St. Mary’s University, Rufus became equipped with the skills to manage and organize his business’ finances and marketing techniques.
Presently, 9-1-1 Landscaping and Tree Services still maintains Wal-Marts, as well as many other commercial and large residential projects. Some of their recent jobs include the renovations of Oak Hills Terrace Elementary; The Malibu Castle Amusement Park, including rebuilding bridges, gazebos, retaining walls, and sidewalks; and St. P.J.’s Children’s Shelter, including irrigation, landscaping, and lawn maintenance.

Rufus and his crew members have the experience and extensive knowledge to be considered true experts in their field. They promise to be accommodating to their customers’ needs and prove they are capable of completing numerous projects in a professional and timely manner.